A Sneak Peak at the Painted Lady – Carnival of Sorrows Update

Posted by Chrissey - 16th May 2016

hose of you who backed Gabriel Cushing at the Carnival of Sorrows on Kickstarter can head over to our project page to see a selection of behind the scenes photos and screen shots featuring the Painted Lady. We thought we’d share a couple of teasers here too!

The Painted Lady - Make up behind the scenes

The Painted Lady - Make up behind the scenes

The Painted Lady - Carnival of Sorrows


Carnival of Sorrows – Update and Photos!

Posted by Chrissey - 25th April 2016

Technical issues with the sound have taken longer to resolve than planned (booo), but are now (fingers crossed) sorted (yay!) This means we can finally finish work on the assessment and planning for ADR recording. But, while we have been stuck unable to progress on this part of the sound work, we have started work on building ambient sound profiles for the different locations.

Edits to the much anticipated second cut have been progressing. We’ll soon have a second draft ready for more feedback.

Credits lists for the Cast and Crew are now up on GabrielCushing.com, so you can check out who was involved on set and in production. There will be a few names to add at a later date, plus you can look forward to our “Special Thanks” credits section going live in the next couple of weeks. There’s also a few new pics in the galleries.

The post production delays have set us back some way, but we are working hard to make sure nothing else gets in the way and we recover as much lost time as possible.

Kickstarter backers can head over to our Kickstarter Page for an extended update with exclusive pictures featuring The Porcelain Woman. Here’s a little taster:

The Porcelain Woman hides in plain sight in a cluttered antiques store


Follow Friday – Hamilton House & Coexist, Bristol

Posted by Chrissey - 1st April 2016

Hamilton House, Community centre in BristolToday’s featured Follow Friday is Hamilton House, a community arts center in our local city of Bristol.

The office block in Stokes Croft, Bristol had been vacant and neglected for many years, when, in 2008, owners Connolly and Callaghan invited Coexist to create a community centre for art and collaboration.

The centre provides working space for artists, illustrators, crafts people, film makers and other creatives and community groups. There are over 200 individuals and businesses currently hosted at Hamilton House, which also has meeting and conference rooms, event spaces and studios available for short term use. Hamilton Hub provides hot desk and co-working facilities for freelancers.

Many community groups host workshops and classes at the site, making it a great place to get involved in creative pursuits. Check out the What’s On section of the Hamilton House website.

House has been the venue for many Bristol based film making events, including Moviement organised by Bristol Film in 2014.

Follow Coexist and Hamilton House on Twitter (@CoexistCIC) or Facebook (/coexistcic) for more info about their events and facilities.

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Knee Deep in Revisions – Update on Carnival of Sorrows

Posted by Chrissey - 14th March 2016

Welcome to this fourth update on the post production progress of Gabriel Cushing at the Carnival of Sorrows. We’re knee deep in revisions at the moment!

Editing work on draft two of the film is well under way, with the aim of cutting the length down to under 2 hours and improving the pace and tension. Once draft two is complete, we’ll be sending it out for more feedback.

We’re also moving forward with sound production and assessing which dialogue we need to re-capture with ADR. Once the assessment is done we can start visiting the crew to record what we need.

If the tension is killing you already, you can satisfy your Carnival cravings with the new screen shots gallery over on GabrielCushing.com. We’ll be adding more photos and screen shots over time, so make sure you check back! Also, later this week the cast and crew credits lists will be going live, so you can nose around and see who was involved in the production. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for announcements between updates.

With the website now live, we’re starting work on press kits to promote the film when it’s finished. There will be both printed and digital press kits, featuring key information about the film, the principal cast and the production team. The press kits are due for completion by the end of April, so we’ll keep you posted.

Clevedon Library exteriorKickstarter backers can head over to our campaign page to see an extended update with exclusive screen shots and behind the scenes photos from one of our favourite locations for the shoot; Clevedon Library.

GabrielCushing.com Gets a Mini Makeover!

Posted by Chrissey - 1st March 2016

Updates to the Official Gabriel Cushing Website

The Gabriel Cushing website has undergone a mini makeover! There’s now a brand new section for Carnival of Sorrows with new behind the scenes photos and character profiles for you to check out! Over the next few months leading up to completion of the film, we’ll be adding more content to the site; pictures, character info, trailers and more.

Gabriel Cushing at the Carnival of Sorrows - Enter if you Dare!

Post Production In Full Swing

Meanwhile, what else have we been getting up to?

Work is progressing on refining the edit. We’re starting to get feedback in from our editing consultants and we’re working on integrating it all. There’s some tough decisions to make but the result will be a polished and perfected movie!

We’ve received the first storyboards from our animator which is super exciting! In our next update we might even be able to share an exclusive sneak peek.

Of course, while some of the team are working on the sights and sounds, some of us get to work on less glamorous but equally vital tasks like putting together the credits and press release content, both of which are progressing. In our next update we’ll be revealing the full cast and crew credits list on gabrielcushing.com.

Kickstarter backers can check out our latest backer only update for some new exclusive screenshots of The Man of Many Faces.

Follow Friday – Rare Horror

Posted by Chrissey - 19th February 2016

Here’s one for fans of classic horror everywhere, Rare Horror, a magazine site devoted to horror in all it’s forms

Rare Horror LogoThe Rare Horror blog provides news, reviews and recommendations for horror movies. They love all kinds of horror but have a real passion for lesser-known 80s titles, foreign, independent, cult and B-movies.

Based in Calgary, Canada, the team behind Rare Horror dredge up loads of vintage and cult clips, commercials and artwork from the depths of obscurity. They’ve also recently established a store on Spreadshirt where you can order their awesome horror themed T-shirts.

Follow Rare Horror on Twitter (@RareHorror) or Facebook (/RareHorror) to get notifications on all their blog articles, plus loads more rare and obscure horror stuff. They post a lot of artwork, comics and pictures of cool memorabilia, so if you love horror this is definitely somewhere to get a daily fix.

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Tell One and All, the Carnival is Coming to Town!

Posted by Chrissey - 15th February 2016

The TGE Table at True Believers Comic FestivalWhile work progresses on the animation, sound design, music and other post production tasks for Carnival of Sorrows, we’re working on getting the word out about the film! The more enthusiasm we can generate among our fans the better our chance of securing an exciting distribution deal. And how are we doing that, you ask?

1. New Website

In our next update you can look forward to the reveal of a brand new section to GabrielCushing.com, dedicated to Carnival of Sorrows. There we’ll be collecting together all the photos and trailers for the film and you’ll be able to explore cast lists, character profiles and more. The only thing you won’t find there is exclusive backer only content, which will be shared through these updates.

2. New Mailing List

We’re starting up a new email mailing list for interested fans to get updates straight to their inbox! All of our Kickstarter backers will be automatically added, but you can easily unsubscribe if you prefer to get your updates a different way. The first email will be going out alongside our next Kickstarter update. If you’d like to help spread the word, share this link to direct people to sign up for email updates.

3. Social Media Overhaul

We’ll be updating and improving our social media pages. There will soon be a new Facebook Page for Carnival of Sorrows and you’ll see an updated look for our Gabriel Cushing Twitter account. The Great Escape is also on Instagram, Tumblr, Google+, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and Soundcloud.

4. Competitions

We’ll be giving away Carnival of Sorrows merchandise to our social media followers and fans in a series of promotional contests. Kickstarter backers are welcome to take part, so make sure you follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter. The first is running right now and will be drawn on Friday!

Kickstarter backers can head over to Kickstarter for an extended update including exclusive behind the scenes pictures of how we created the world of the carnival.

Update on Carnival Of Sorrows

Posted by Chrissey - 1st February 2016

Woman in a doll face maskIt has been a while since we posted any news about our big upcoming project Gabriel Cushing at the Carnival of Sorrows, but things are about to change, big time!

After a few set backs in 2015, we can now confirm that Carnival of Sorrows is back on the road to completion in 2016.

First, the big news…

Carnival of Sorrows will no longer be produced as a web series; instead it will be a full length feature film! We came to this decision slowly, over the course of the production. The budget swelled and with it the ambition and production values, and we realised it had grown beyond a short format series.

This means we won’t be releasing it to viewers for free via a digital platform like YouTube. Instead we’ll be seeking a distribution deal which will hopefully see Carnival of Sorrows released on digital subscription services like Netflix or Amazon and/or on DVD/Bluray through conventional retail channels.

What have we been up to and what’s new?

In the latter half of 2015 the stars finally re-aligned and we were able to shoot the missing scenes we hadn’t been able to get during principle photography in 2014.

Editing is complete on what we’re calling the “First Draft” which succeeds the “Rough Draft” we had before. This version is now being sent out to consultants in the indie film industry for feedback. That feedback will help us to produce a much improved second draft which we’ll then take forward with sound, music and visual FX post production.

We’ve lined up an animator to illustrate “Jenny’s Story”, a scene where she recounts a local legend to Gabriel.

Soundtrack artists/composers are submitting pitches and we are moving forward with selecting one to produce the complete score.

Our sound designer is working on compiling all the sound effects and dialogue pickups we need.

And, while all this post production work is going on, we’re also preparing submissions for festivals. Carnival of Sorrows will hopefully be debuting at a festival this autumn, although that’s all we can reveal right now.

Most importantly we’ve mapped out our route to completion. We’ve got everything planned from now to the day when we can announce that the film is finished. You’ll be able to follow along with our progress in fortnightly updates.

Kickstarter backers can look forward to exclusive content; clips from the film, early access to trailers, behind the scenes photos and more, via the Kickstarter page.

Follow Friday – Big Punch Studios

Posted by Rich - 9th October 2015

Big Punch Studios logoToday’s Follow Friday is comics collective and all-around awesome people Big Punch Studios!

Big Punch Studios are a group of writers, artists, illustrators, designers and videographers. Made up of collaborators Nich Angell, Lucy Brown, Jon Lock and Alice White, the team have a passion for dynamic, inspired storytelling and quality content.

Individually, the team are responsible for a number of fantastic standalone series, including 7STRING and Afterlife, Inc., as well as popular webcomic Cat & Meringue.

Their first collaboration together was Big Punch Magazine, a quarterly collection of new comics from all of their standalone universes, as well as new realms The Wall, Orb and Cuckoos. Launched at the start of this year, they are currently on their third issue, but you can still purchase all of their issues on their Comicsy store.

Big Punch Studios Artwork

However, their latest project is a hilarious card game based on the art of professional sandwich making, which is being funded on Kickstarter.

Named Sandwich Masters, this game involves 4 players attempting to produce quality foodstuffs to order for the general public, but with the added hiccup of every other player trying their best to foul up your sandwich with horrific ingredients, plagues of rats and unscrupulous health inspectors. Here’s a video they produced that explains how it’s played:

The Kickstarter for Sandwich Masters finishes next Wednesday, the 15th of October, so you’d better get your skates on if you want to get in on the high-gluten action! Click here to support Sandwich Masters on Kickstarter!

You can find out more about Big Punch Studios, as well as purchase their comics on their website, bigpunchstudios.com. You can also follow them on Facebook ( /bigpunchstudios ) and on Twitter ( @bigpunchstudios ).

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Coming up on TGE: October 2015

Posted by Rich - 5th October 2015

Coming up in October on The Great Escape:

Wednesday 7th October – Camp GenX Part 5 – Farley and Cat return to the camp with the drifters they met on the road. Will Alice be able to help Holly get through her pregnancy? A new installment of our ongoing YA adventure series.

Wednesday 14th October – Breakout: Should you ‘Fix It In Post’?  In the fifth episode of the Breakout podcast series, join Rich, Mark, Chrissey, Ben and Felek as they discuss the benefits of pitfalls with the idea of ‘fixing it in post’ (making a decision on a film set to correct a problem in the post-production phase).

Wednesday 21st October – Gabriel Cushing at the Carnival Of Sorrows – Update  find out all about our latest big project, on going since early 2014 and now progressing into it’s final phase. We have behind the scenes pictures and announcements here on TGE.

Wednesday 28th October – Faith Healers: The Flesh Angel – a new instalment in our continuing tale of the nephilim nurses’ investigation of the mysterious flesh crafter. Read the story from the beginning.

Business Bear - web comic by Kristian GriffithsCatch new installments of our web comic, Business Bear, from comic creator Kristian Griffiths, on Thursday 8th and Thursday 22nd October.

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