Carnival of Sorrows – Update and Photos!

Posted by Chrissey Harrison - 25th April 2016

Technical issues with the sound have taken longer to resolve than planned (booo), but are now (fingers crossed) sorted (yay!) This means we can finally finish work on the assessment and planning for ADR recording. But, while we have been stuck unable to progress on this part of the sound work, we have started work on building ambient sound profiles for the different locations.

Edits to the much anticipated second cut have been progressing. We’ll soon have a second draft ready for more feedback.

Credits lists for the Cast and Crew are now up on, so you can check out who was involved on set and in production. There will be a few names to add at a later date, plus you can look forward to our “Special Thanks” credits section going live in the next couple of weeks. There’s also a few new pics in the galleries.

The post production delays have set us back some way, but we are working hard to make sure nothing else gets in the way and we recover as much lost time as possible.

Kickstarter backers can head over to our Kickstarter Page for an extended update with exclusive pictures featuring The Porcelain Woman. Here’s a little taster:

The Porcelain Woman hides in plain sight in a cluttered antiques store


The Great Escape