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Valentine’s Writing Contest Winners

Posted by Rich - 14th February 2012

Our Valentine’s writing competition was a great success with a whole load of great entries. Many thanks to everyone who took part, the quality was really high and you made it very difficult to judge. However, there can only be … Continue reading


Posted by Chrissey Harrison - 14th February 2012

The bar is actually called Arrows. Big, neon-lit white letters, cursive and flowing to the point of near-illegibility, on a sickening deep pink background dotted with squint-to-see-em red hearts. On each window, they’ve etched an ornate, fragile-looking bow nocked with … Continue reading

Romance in White Gowns

Posted by Chrissey Harrison - 14th February 2012

Stephanie felt the cup slip out of her unresisting fingers and splash water across the tray. A small sob almost escaped her lips at the sight of it, at the knowledge of how weak her left hand had become since … Continue reading

Poetry in my Pigeon Hole

Posted by Chrissey Harrison - 14th February 2012

‘Well, something’s put a spring in your step.’ Roger chose to ignore his secretary’s comment and closed the door to his office behind him. He sat at his desk and took out a folded piece of blue writing paper from … Continue reading

Valentine’s Writing Competition

Posted by Chrissey Harrison - 5th January 2012

It’s time for another writing competition. This time we’re looking for romance. Send us a short, romantic story (1,500 words) including a spilled drink and a case of mistaken identity for your chance to win £10 Amazon vouchers or cash … Continue reading

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