Follow Friday – Thrill Writing / Fiona Quinn

Posted by Chrissey Harrison - 22nd May 2015

This week’s Follow Friday goes out to Fiona Quinn and her blog Thrill Writing – Helping writers write it right.

Thrill Writing - a blog by Fiona QuinnThrill Writing brings together resources and articles on the types of things writers need to know in order to write good thrillers, but that are hard to experience first hand. Maybe you need to study up on the features of a particular drug habit, learn the inner workings of a hand gun, or take in a crash course on forensic entomology.

The site contains some articles from experts in their field, often presented as interviews. Other posts are compiled by Fiona herself and these are usually packed full of links to other resources, so you can use them as a starting point for your research.

Follow Thrill Writing via Twitter (@ThrillWritingFQ) or Facebook (/ThrillWriting)

Fiona is also an author of Romantic suspense. Her new series starts with Weakest Lynx, which is available now. You can also follow Fiona via Twitter (@FionaQuinnBooks) or Facebook (/FionaQuinnBooks)

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