Follow Friday – UK Comics Creative

Posted by Rich - 15th May 2015

UK Comics Creative ( UKComics )UK Comics Creative is an independent printing company specialising in the production of comic books, graphic novels, anthologies, art prints and magazines, as well as t-shirts, posters, flyers, badges and more.

What makes them special is they handle small print runs whilst maintaining their excellent print standards. As such, they have become a very big name in the UK Small Press Comic market with a very high percentage of comic creators using their services to handle all their printing needs. They also have exceptional turnaround rates, helping you to get to print faster than it’s European rivals.

They have also in the past delivered stock directly to conventions and events, allowing their customers to reduce the amount of stock being lugged through crowded train stations.

More recently, they have moved into the distribution and sale of content they print through their sister site, UKOnDisplay, which holds a fantastic stock of small-press and indie comics which can’t be beat!

Find out more at, follow them on Twitter ( @UKCOMICS ), or Facebook ( )

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