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Gabriel Cushing vs the Zombie Vampires – Episode 2

Posted by Chrissey - 31st October 2012

Three Poems of Escape

Posted by Chrissey - 29th October 2012

The following collection of poems are the winners and runners up from our “Escape” micro fiction vs poetry contest (Sept-Oct 2012).  Competition entrants were asked to write no more than 150 words with the theme of “escape”. For more details … Continue reading

Introducing Books from The Great Escape.

Posted by Chrissey - 17th October 2012

Since we launched in 2011, we’ve shared a lot of great fiction on this site and now we’re expanding our fiction division to include books and ebooks for sale. You can find all the information about the books we have … Continue reading

Gabriel Cushing vs the Zombie Vampires – Episode 1

Posted by Chrissey - 13th October 2012

The Star Coin Prophecy – Part 2 of 4

Posted by Chrissey - 1st October 2012

<< Part 1 We’re sorry! Parts 2-4 are no longer available to read online. If you’d like to continue reading this story, you can download it for free via Open Books and pay what you want, or purchase a copy through … Continue reading

The Star Coin Prophecy – Part 1 of 4

Posted by Chrissey - 18th September 2012

Ruth Anders held her pass up to the security guard at the door. He inspected it closely. “You’re running a little late,” he said. “Local press are at the back, if you’d like to take a seat.” He pushed the … Continue reading

Camp GenX: 2 – Bear!

Posted by Chrissey - 28th February 2012

<< Part 1 The soft scratch of Vickie’s pencil broke the otherwise complete silence. She recorded Farley’s notes into the supply ledger; where the food was taken from, when, and how much remained. She struck another now empty location from … Continue reading

Camp GenX: 1 – Food Crisis

Posted by Chrissey - 19th January 2012

The fire axe swung down in a wobbly arc and embedded itself into the log on the chopping block. Josh rolled his shoulders and moved his grip further down the red painted handle to lift axe head and log together … Continue reading

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