Follow Friday – Zooppa

Posted by Rich - 31st July 2015

Follow Friday is our weekly look at Twitter accounts that have followed us recently or we have followed, and deserve a shout-out for offering something a little bit different. This week, we’re giving a shout-out to Zooppa!

Zooppa logoZooppa is a creative community where brands and agencies provide creative briefs for filmmakers, animators and graphic designers, and award prizes for the best ads made.

There are some big names involved over the years, with WB Games, Universal Studios, Amazon, Google, Samsung, Unilever, Crayola and many more having submitted project briefs since Zooppa’s launch in 2007.

However, the momentum of the site has not slowed down, with 421 projects currently listed on the site, with currently featured briefs having prize pots of tens-of-thousands of dollars. In some cases, companies will even provide props and items for your advert, and collaborate with other companies to give you discounts on music, effects and other production items to help you win!

With over 335 thousand members worldwide, the competition is fierce, but you won’t be alone – within Zooppa is a network of content creators and collaborators who work together to produce content, and some of the awards are dictated by the community of creators within the site.

And of course, every contest that you enter grows your portfolio of content, helping you up on the ladder to creator stardom!

You can find out more about Zooppa from their website,, follow them on Twitter, @ZooppaEU, or via Facebook, /ZooppaEurope.O

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