Coming up in July

Posted by Chrissey - 6th July 2015

Coming this July on The Great Escape:

Wednesday 8th July – Story Cards – The “Prototypes” We had a great day at Cardiff Comic Expo on National Flash Fiction Day and while we were there Chrissey created a whole load of short stories on postcards. We’ll be sharing a selection of these prototype cards on the site for you to enjoy! Meanwhile we’ll be developing the Story Cards idea to feature at future events.

Wednesday 15th July – Breakout: The Future of Web Series Join us for episode 2 of our podcast where we discuss trends in online film, particularly the format and idea of web series. What exactly is a web series, and what does the future hold for this medium?

Wednesday 22nd July – Hellbound Media at Horror Con we’ll have photos galore from this year’s Horror Con. Check out the best moments as captured by Matt Warner and Mark Adams.

Wednesday 29th July – Faith Healers: The Flesh Angel – a new instalment in our continuing tale of the nephilim nurses’ investigation of the mysterious flesh crafter. Read the story from the beginning.

Business Bear - web comic by Kristian GriffithsCatch new instalments of our web comic, Business Bear, from comic creator Kristian Griffiths, on Thursday 9th and 23rd July.

Friday Follows – every Friday we’ll be featuring a site, service or person we think is worth following. Check out our past suggestions here.

Monday is News day – Every Monday our blog will feature news and updates from the worlds of indie films, fiction and comics.

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