Meet the people behind the site

Posted by Chrissey Harrison - 31st August 2011

This week we’ve got a special blog post for you, a chance to meet the people behind the site and see a bit of what we do.




The fiction side of the site is run by Chrissey Harrison. She is an aspiring author who has recently had her first (hopefully of many) piece accepted for publication, and also a bit of a science geek.

Although the internet is full of writing communities, there is always room for more. We’re hoping to bring more writers to the site and establish this as a place of collaboration, encouragement and skill sharing for new writers.



Mark Adams (soon to be Dr Adams, we kid you not) runs the comics portion of the site, bringing together a variety of artists and writers. Mark is a student of cult film and television with an almost unhealthy obsession with horror and Dr Who.

One of our strongest links is to Hellbound Media, a new, up and coming comic publisher who you will find doing the rounds at the conventions. Also making regular appearances is FinalBeyond. We hope to establish a community of comic writers and artists and encourage collaboration and sharing.


Multi-media or trans-media storytelling is something we feel very passionate about and are looking to delve deeper into. This means in the future you can expect to see themes and characters occurring across all three mediums on the site and potentially even breaking into other mediums such as games and radio-plays from time to time.

If you’d like to get involved in any aspect of the site, be it film making, writing or comic artistry, join our forum or get in touch via email, Twitter or Facebook, we can’t wait to meet you.

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