Monthly Mention #2 – April 2015

Posted by Rich - 13th April 2015

Monthly Mention is our monthly featurette where we give a shout out to a bunch of great stuff and projects in the world of indie films, fiction and comics. It might be new, it might have been around for a while, but it is all cool.

Here’s some stuff we’ve come across recently that we think you should check out:


From the creators behind The Lost Generation and Broken Britain comes a sci-fi thriller series like no other.

There’s a brand new drug on the streets; one that requires you to enter a medical-induced coma before you can enjoy the full effects. With a good dose, you can escape the pressured drag of every day life, and step into a whole new reality of your choosing, remaining there for as long as you can afford it. The drug is known as Portal, and allows you to become anything you ever wanted to be; to live out your wildest fantasies at any point in time, in any space. Imagine having that portal to escape to.

But what if Portal, the most addictive virtual reality and social media space on earth, was banned. What if your portal to escape to was closed. How far would you go to get it back?

Starring Chelsea Edge, Clay Whitter and Victoria Connett, and featuring TGE alumni Nathan Head (Killer Coat), this 5-part series, written by Jack Casey & Mark Ashmore, is exciting and terrifying at once.

Nights At The Round Table

From the warped genuises behind I Am Tim Helsing: Monster Hunter and The Away Mission comes tales of death, destruction and table-top role-playing in this blistering geeky comedy series where, by their own confession, not a lot of gaming actually occurs.

‘Nights At The Round Table’ follows four gamers in their desperate, hilarious and often terrifying quest to find the perfect player to fill the space left by their former gaming companions who may or may not have been killed by one of their party. Along the way they’ll encounter ham-gobbling warlords, unsanitary BISK champions and overly smug wizards, plus get through enough cheese puffs, pop tarts and booze to fell a stone giant.

With the newly remastered series now being released on Dailymotion, now is the perfect time to be getting in on this.

Joe and Mary’s Kid

When childless couple Joe & Mary find they’ve been turned down by the adoption agency, the husband comes up with a solution to the problem: why not construct a son in your workshop?

A dark, yet romantic and at times comical short film written and directed by Dan Rosen, and starring Geraint Hill, Jem Demirel and our very own Marley Hamilton (Zombie Vampires), this is gripping from start to finish and well worth a look.

Checking In

Checking In is an fictional anthology film, written and directed by Troy Dennison, Leah Green, Kaush Patel, Dave Hastings and our very own Mark Adams.

Every day, thousands of people book into hotels across the UK. Here are some of the stories from just one.

Shot entirely in the Baron’s Court Hotel in Walsall over a number of weeks, this film won the prestigious BEST BRITISH FILM award at last year’s London Film Awards, as well as picking up several ‘official selection’ laurels over the year.

Checking in will be screening TUESDAY the 14th OF APRIL at the Mockingbird Theatre in Birmingham at 7:30pm, and will be released on various video-on-demand services soon.

The Great Escape