Project Spotlight #2 – Laser Lace Letters by Haley Moore

Posted by Chrissey Harrison - 22nd November 2012

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In the second of our crowd funding project spotlights, we take a look at Laser Lace Letters. Creator Haley Moore is raising funds through Kickstarter for her combined fiction and craft project.

“Laser Lace Letters is a series of tangible stories where you become a steampunk detective on the trail of a string of mysterious disappearances. At the heart of each story is a beautiful, laser cut cameo handmade in felt by artist Haley Moore.”

Laser Lace Letters - tangible fiction experienceThis project combines fictional stories with a novel method of presentation; letters, newspaper clippings, photographs, sketches and more. The addition of the hand crafted cameos and packaging gives the bundle a tangible quality. Haley is attempting to create an interactive experience out of a traditionally passive one; something that just isn’t seen in traditional publishing. That crowd funding it enables people to create things like this, which redefine genres and media, is perhaps one of its most powerful aspects.

You can make a basic pledge of $10 for a digital copy of all the letters or pledge more to get the physical letter bundles, cameos and other extras.

The cameos made from laser cut felt, are the most unique aspect of this project. Several have recently featured on charity marathon Desert Bus for Hope. In the Laser Lace project, there are seven core designs, more mini designs and custom options included in some rewards.

“I’m a craftsperson with an undying love of story, and a tendency to take my projects to ridiculous extremes of intricacy and depth.  I can prototype and write and design forever, but I can’t make a project like Laser Lace on my own – and I definitely can’t make it without you.”

The stories themselves are an official spin off from transmedia steampunk project Clockwork Watch, which has so far spawned novels, comics, live events and more. The Laser Lace letters will expand and enhance the existing universe. And it also means that there’s a world of content to explore beyond the letters!

Given that The Great Escape has similar plans for Gabriel Cushing in the future, this transmedia approach to storytelling is something we are excited to see.

There’s only 5 days left to make your pledge and jump into this exciting steampunk experience, so make sure to visit Haley’s project page for all the details and loads of pictures.

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