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Posted by Chrissey - 28th September 2012

Jonathan Coulton plays at Bristol's Colston Hall September 2012Musician, singer-songwriter and all-round internet superstar Jonathan Coulton, famous for such songs as ‘Code Monkey‘, ‘Re: Your Brains‘ and ‘Still Alive‘ from the ‘Portal’ video game, swung by our neck of the woods last weekend as part of his third UK tour (+Stockholm, Sweden). His laments about mad scientists who just want to be loved, a giant squid that crushes everything, and moons comforting their recently demoted planetary partners, speak to legions of geeks and nerds out there. Escapees Rich and Chrissey went along to the show at Bristol’s Colston Hall.

Since he last toured the UK over a year-and-a-half ago, he has released his latest album ‘Artificial Heart‘. Produced by They Might Be Giants‘ frontman John Flansburgh and featuring guest vocalists Suzanne Vega, John Rodderick and Sara Quin (of Tegan & Sara), this is his first proper studio album since he released ‘Smoking Monkey’ over 7 years ago. (It’s really good, you should go buy it).

As ‘JoCo’ explained at the start of his gig, this is technically his ‘new album tour’, even though the CD came out a year ago. With musical comedy duo Paul and Storm in tow, the concert was one for fans, with all his well-loved classics and popular tracks from the new album but no sneak peeks at upcoming releases this time. Having seen him perform on the Bristol leg of both his previous UK tours, there was a lot in this gig that we’d seen before, but in our opinion, very few of his songs get old; kind of like meeting up with an old friend to reminisce about the good old days.

There were a few interesting change-ups over previous years: no Skullcrusher Mountain this time but new songs ‘Sticking It To Myself‘ and ‘Good Morning Tucson‘ surely made up for it, and crowd pleasers ‘Re: Your Brains’ and ‘Shop Vac‘ went down well, as always.

Jonathan Coulton with Paul and Storm at Bristol's Colston Hall September 2012The show wasn’t without its hiccups. A pause to fix a broken guitar string, ironically sustained during slower tempo number ‘Soft Rocked By Me‘, prompted an impromptu a-cappella rendition of Madness’ Baggy Trousers from Storm and an audience sing-a-long to Dexy’s Midnight Runners’ classic ‘Come On Eileen’ (Dexy’s were playing in the main Colston Hall venue that night). Novelty underwear was pressed into service as a bandage and there was the usual number of false starts, but the hiccups are all part of what makes the show so entertaining. Coupled with plenty of audience participation and interaction, the audience feel involved and leave feeling they’ve been part of something personal.

Signed Jonathan Coulton CD (JoCo Looks Back) up for grabs!

Whilst we were there, we got Jonathan Coulton to sign a copy of his Greatest Hits album ‘JoCo Looks Back‘ for you guys, and he gave us permission to give it away here!

With 20 tracks in total, including Code Monkey, I Feel Fantastic, Ikea, Skullcrusher Mountain, Chiron Beta Prime and First Of May, this is a great starter into the world of Jonathan Coulton.


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  • Well, I don’t have a favorite because I’ve never heard any – which means I should win, since I don’t have any of his records and would very much enjoy one.

  • It is a pretty great record. I probably don’t deserve because I already own it – hence the knowing it is great.

    Pretty annoyed I missed the show – I completely blanked the fact that he was back in the UK! Many happy memories of going to his shows in the past. Have now joined mailing list to prevent this happening again…

  • I don’t own it, but I’d love to! Coulton has created some catchy tunes, and while I have never been able to catch him live, he is a musician that I respect greatly for what he has done, especially releasing so MANY tunes, without a publisher to back him up.

  • It would be a triumph
    If I won that CD
    For the good of all my ears
    And this is such a good website
    It’s delicious and moist
    I hope my chances
    Are still alive
    Still alive
    Still alive…

  • Chrissey

    Please note that this contest is now closed. The winner has been announced in a separate post here –