Terror of The Killer Carnivorous Coat: Coming Halloween 2011!

Posted by Rich - 20th October 2011

UPDATE: It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here! Click here and you can watch ‘Killer Coat’ RIGHT NOW! So exciting!

Exciting news here at Great Escape Towers, as we’ve just released the trailer for our upcoming half-hour Halloween special: Terror Of The Killer Carnivorous Coat.

Check it out!

  • I think the best thing I can say about this trailer is already said in the tag list, “Evil fabric; Fear-funny…Halloween horrible horror humour, Not just a COAT: Scary, Supernatural.”

    This looks as though it’s going to be a laugh 😀 … please remind me when the full version is out on OWG… I’m looking forward to watching it…

    • Thanks TJ 🙂
      We’ll be airing it on the site, hopefully as of the 31st October and we’ll definitely be advertising it everywhere we can think of.

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  • I want to watch this… it looks entertainingly silly! Finish it! Soon please!