Welcome to The Great Escape!

Posted by Rich - 30th May 2011

Hi and welcome to The Great Esc!

Every week we’ll be bringing you something new; films, fiction, comics and more. Tune in next week to find out what will be coming up over the next few months.

Right now we’ve got something for you to check out in every section:


FILM Threefold
Filmed in 2007, Threefold was one of our earliest completed projects; pulled from the Great Esc vaults to celebrate the launch of the site. Charlie discovers the consequences of his actions when he is haunted by ghosts from his past. Written and directed by Mark Adams.


FICTION The Diary of Joseph Mortimer
Originally written for a competition, The Diary of Joseph Mortimer is presented here for the first time in it’s full length form. Land owner and farmer Joseph learns a hard lesson about the price of charity on the night of Samhain. Gruesome horror from aspiring author Chrissey Harrison.


COMIC The Monster Under the Bed
Read the exclusive full colour version of Hellbound Media’s comic The Monster Under the Bed. Things that go bump in the night may not always be your imagination. Written Matt Warner and illustrated by Anna Pennlund.


So take a look around, visit the forum and the wiki, and hopefully we’ll see you again soon.

The Great Esc Crew

  • John Barnes

    Hey, good luck Chrissey.

  • T. Crosby

    Congrats and good luck too Chrissey! 🙂

  • J D Waye

    Congratulations on the new website!  Looking great!

  • Johnharrybarnes

    As appears on many DVD’s these days, will you be doing regular segments on the equipment used, how you make some of the visual effects. Features of and about the crew and/ or the cast?

    • Chrissey

      Lots of things like that will be put into the Wiki which we are adding to over time. We will also be doing some video blogs in the future. Over time, as we get more efficient producing our content, we will increase the regularity of the updates. Stay tuned 😉

  • John

    I just love the Twitter. Casting call still open for young actors to play a brother and sister in a zombie horror-comedy. Has anyone applied? What about young actors to play a brother, or a sister? Imagining it tickles my funny bones. 

    • Now if it had said “young actor to play” rather than “actors” I would agree it could be worded better, but it didn’t, so bah! We’ve had around 45 applicants so far, with lots of promising young talent.

  • John

    Chrissey, I hope the actors are all good quality, and that none have a sense of humour like mine, bad. Or that they don’t like tongue in cheek humour, ‘cos it’d be really hard to say the lines.