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Kiss Me Deadly – Taster

Posted by Chrissey Harrison - 27th July 2011

Gabriel Cushing: The Mid-shoot update

Posted by Rich - 21st July 2011

So, here we are, over halfway through principal filming for Gabriel Cushing vs. The Zombie Vampires, our web-series-come-feature-length-film. The last couple of weeks have felt like a non-stop smear of fangs, foliage, face-paint and most of all, blood. We have … Continue reading

Love and Betrayal – 5 poems

Posted by Chrissey Harrison - 18th July 2011

Broken Spirit By Amy Adams Bound eternally, To a man I now distrust. Forever tied, To a man who broke my spirit. This man, Once the most important Person in my life, Has conspired to destroy What remained of my … Continue reading

The Man Who Married The Sea

Posted by Rich - 4th July 2011

The Great Escape