By Amy Adams & Chrissey Harrison
18th July 2011

A collection of five short, emotional poems on the theme of "Love and Betrayal"

Broken Spirit

By Amy Adams

Bound eternally,
To a man I now distrust.
Forever tied,
To a man who broke my spirit.
This man,
Once the most important
Person in my life,
Has conspired to destroy
What remained of my soul.


To Struggle

By Chrissey Harrison

Why resist,
When I am clay in your hands to mould?
You forge my shape

Why hope,
When tears elicit no pity or mercy?
You are cold to me.

Why try,
When all the ways out are closed off?
You hold all the keys.

Why play,
When it always plays out the same way?
You win and I lose.



Reckless Love

By Amy Adams

I loved you without caution,
Though I knew you belonged to another.

I loved you without warning,
But to me it was no bother.

Then my world was shattered,
My heart broken in two.

There were many mere girls,
Like me.

I felt like such a fool.
My soul in pieces.
My mind unglued.

Why did I delude myself,
Let myself believe,
I was meant for you?



By Chrissey Harrison

The world is big and full of faces.
They light with a smile,
Darken with a frown,
Cloud with worry,
Pale with fear.

Faces of strangers blur together,
While faces of friends,
Stand out of the crowd.
Two faces meet,
Love is born.

Soft smiles and wistful looks of love
Turn into hard stares,
Dark suspicious glares,
Scowls of anger,
Hate and pain.

One face turns away, streaked with white tears,
Abandoning love,
Corrupted and lost.
One moment gone,
Over so soon

When faces lack the courage to face
The face they loved,
The face they now hate,
That face will haunt,
To the end.


Rise Above

By Amy Adams

My openness was my downfall.
His arrogance was his.
My honesty
And devotion
Were made into unworthy traits,
Were used as weapons to attack me.
His vanity
And conceitedness
Were made into admirable qualities,
Were used to humiliate me.
But I shall rise above it,
For he is beneath my contempt.


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