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Coming up on TGE: October 2015

Posted by Rich - 5th October 2015

Coming up in October on The Great Escape: Wednesday 7th October – Camp GenX Part 5 – Farley and Cat return to the camp with the drifters they met on the road. Will Alice be able to help Holly get through her pregnancy? … Continue reading

Coming up in August 2015

Posted by Chrissey - 3rd August 2015

Coming up in August on The Great Escape: Wednesday 8th August – Short Story – “Defective” – Young sorcerer Peter faces a daunting challenge when he’s expected to demonstrate powers he doesn’t have in this new flash fiction story from TGE author Chrissey Harrison. Wednesday … Continue reading

Coming up in June 2015

Posted by Chrissey - 1st June 2015

Coming this June on The Great Escape: Wednesday 3rd June – Over the Edge – Two survivors find themselves stranded in the mountains after their bus goes over the edge of a ravine in this new short story by resident writer … Continue reading

Coming up in May 2015

Posted by Chrissey - 4th May 2015

Coming up this May on The Great Escape: 6th May – Camp GenX: Part 4 – We return to the post-apocalyptic summer camp for a new instalment. Two young members of the camp find some mushrooms. 13th May – Checking … Continue reading

Coming up in April 2015

Posted by Chrissey - 6th April 2015

We’ve got some great new content lined up this month, check out what’s coming up over the next few weeks: 8th April – Henchman – a short story from TGE writer Chrissey Harrison. Security guard Jack Canning begins to suspect … Continue reading

Faith Healers: The Flesh Angel (Part 6)

Posted by Rich - 5th March 2014

<< Part 5 >> Part 7 << Part 5 >> Part 7

Faith Healers: The Flesh Angel (Part 5)

Posted by Chrissey - 23rd September 2013

<< Part 4 >> Part 6 << Part 4 >> Part 6

Faith Healers: The Flesh Angel (part 4)

Posted by Chrissey - 11th September 2013

<< Part 3 >> Part 5 << Part 3 >> Part 5

Faith Healers: The Flesh Angel (part 3)

Posted by Chrissey - 13th May 2013

<< Part 2 >> Part 4 << Part 2 >> Part 4

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