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Business Bear: “Special Mug”

Posted by Chrissey - 9th July 2015

Business Bear: “All the Coffee”

Posted by Chrissey - 18th June 2015

Business Bear: “More Coffee”

Posted by Chrissey - 4th June 2015

Business Bear: “Coffee”

Posted by Rich - 21st May 2015

Business Bear: “Headphones”

Posted by Rich - 7th May 2015

Coming up in May 2015

Posted by Chrissey - 4th May 2015

Coming up this May on The Great Escape: 6th May – Camp GenX: Part 4 – We return to the post-apocalyptic summer camp for a new instalment. Two young members of the camp find some mushrooms. 13th May – Checking … Continue reading

An Interview with Kristian Griffiths, creator of Business Bear

Posted by Rich - 22nd April 2015

This week we welcome new comic series Business Bear to The Great Escape, the latest creation by artist, software developer and former actor Kristian Griffiths. Long time fans of The Great Escape may recognise Kristian from such seminal works as … Continue reading

Business Bear: “Board”

Posted by Rich - 22nd April 2015

Coming up in April 2015

Posted by Chrissey - 6th April 2015

We’ve got some great new content lined up this month, check out what’s coming up over the next few weeks: 8th April – Henchman – a short story from TGE writer Chrissey Harrison. Security guard Jack Canning begins to suspect … Continue reading

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