Coming up on TGE: October 2015

Posted by Rich - 5th October 2015

Coming up in October on The Great Escape:

Wednesday 7th October – Camp GenX Part 5 – Farley and Cat return to the camp with the drifters they met on the road. Will Alice be able to help Holly get through her pregnancy? A new installment of our ongoing YA adventure series.

Wednesday 14th October – Breakout: Should you ‘Fix It In Post’?  In the fifth episode of the Breakout podcast series, join Rich, Mark, Chrissey, Ben and Felek as they discuss the benefits of pitfalls with the idea of ‘fixing it in post’ (making a decision on a film set to correct a problem in the post-production phase).

Wednesday 21st October – Gabriel Cushing at the Carnival Of Sorrows – Update  find out all about our latest big project, on going since early 2014 and now progressing into it’s final phase. We have behind the scenes pictures and announcements here on TGE.

Wednesday 28th October – Faith Healers: The Flesh Angel – a new instalment in our continuing tale of the nephilim nurses’ investigation of the mysterious flesh crafter. Read the story from the beginning.

Business Bear - web comic by Kristian GriffithsCatch new installments of our web comic, Business Bear, from comic creator Kristian Griffiths, on Thursday 8th and Thursday 22nd October.

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