The Great Escape brings you a great selection of independent escapist entertainment. Horror, fantasy, sci-fi; stories which transport you to another time and place.

Founding members Rich Jeffery, Mark Adams, Felek Werpachowski, Chrissey Harrison bring together a growing community of film makers, writers and artists producing a wide range of films, fiction and comics for you to enjoy.

Based primarily in the South West of the UK, our contributors are spread across the country and the rest of the world. Since launching in 2011 we have expanded from making short films to web series and we now have a number of print and ebook publications available to buy!

Many of our stories take place in the world of Gabriel Cushing and you can explore that world at gabrielcushing.com

Below you can watch our 2013 show reel featuring clips from both our existing and upcoming productions. replica fake rolex second hand replica rolex

The Great Escape