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One Corpse Too Merry

Posted by Chrissey - 12th December 2011

‘I know it’s home time,’ DS Reid said at noon, his hands full of tinsel. ‘But we thought we’d stay around a little longer. Keep you company. We don’t like the thought of you working the rest of Christmas Day … Continue reading

Terror of the Killer Carnivorous Coat

Posted by Rich - 5th December 2011

A Great Escape shout out to Desert Bus for Hope

Posted by Chrissey - 19th November 2011

Great Escape founders Chrissey and Rich have long been fans of Canadian comedy troop LoadingReadyRun and they are a huge inspiration for us. Every year for the last four years they have organised what has become the internet’s biggest live … Continue reading

Terror of The Killer Carnivorous Coat: Coming Halloween 2011!

Posted by Rich - 20th October 2011

UPDATE: It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here! Click here and you can watch ‘Killer Coat’ RIGHT NOW! So exciting! Exciting news here at Great Escape Towers, as we’ve just released the trailer for our upcoming half-hour Halloween special: Terror … Continue reading


Posted by Chrissey - 5th September 2011

The Final Zone – It’s Cold Outside

Posted by Chrissey - 15th August 2011

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