An Interview with Elisar Cabrera at MCM London

Posted by Chrissey Harrison - 3rd June 2013

If you recall, we were at MCM London Comic Con last weekend, where we met plenty of amazing people including other web series creators, actors, special effects artists, press people, and best of all, fans of ours!

One person who was in constant movement around the convention was Elisar Cabrera of Capital City Entertainment. Elisar is the Programmer for VidFestUK, responsible for arranging the YouTubers and Web Series creators at MCM. He is also a coordinator of the Raindance Film Festival’s London Web Fest, producer on the web series 3some, one of the driving forces behind and on top of that, he produces several blogging series and podcasts including ThoseVideoGuys and Raindance’s Short Film Show.

We managed to stop him long enough to interview him about VidFestUK, the amazing people at the event, and how the stars of YouTube and the web are more popular than US television stars! (*)

(*) well, in the eyes of MCM atendees, at least!

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