Presenting the new Great Escape showreel

Posted by Rich - 15th May 2013

Since 2009, we’ve been creating short films, web series and more as The Great Escape.

Over the last 4 years, we’ve always done it all out of our own money – saving up cash to buy the cameras, equipment, props, effects, costumes, food, train tickets, etc. for all the films we’ve done.

As we’ve stated on our Kickstarter, we’re looking to reach beyond the edges of our bank balances for Carnival of Sorrows. We’re aiming to acquire some of the funding for the film not just from people on Kickstarter for what’ll be on screen, but also industry-types for the post-production and behind-the-scenes costs. As such, we need to have something that shows off a wide selection of what we do in a neat package.

Hence… presenting our first ever Great Escape showreel! Featuring a selection of our favourite moments from our films, plus sneak peeks at both upcoming Gabriel Cushing stories ‘The Stool of the Damned’ and ‘Mrs. Briary’s Scullery’ and future short film ‘Relaxation’ (which are also the first three films we’ve shot on the Red One camera we’re using for Carnival of Sorrows!)

Please take a look and let us know what you think of it – we really appreciate your feedback!

The Great Escape