An Interview with Creator of Stories Space, Lisa

Posted by Chrissey Harrison - 4th September 2012

This week we have the pleasure of introducing Lisa from Stories Space. Her site is one of the fastest growing fiction sharing sites on the net and she’s here to tell us why we should stop by and take a look…

Chrissey: How would you describe Stories Space to someone new to the site?

Lisa: Stories Space kicked off in July 2010. We’re an online community and social network for readers and writers of fiction, songs and poetry. The supportive, encouraging environment makes for a great place to share your work and learn more about the art of writing.

CH: Stories Space has held a number of writing contests and now has an area specifically for serious writers to get detailed feedback on their work. What other ambitions do you have for the site’s future?

Lisa: I’d like to see more authors becoming involved in our new feedback section, providing support and acting as mentors to our less experienced writers. Contests will occur more frequently in the future, and I’d also like to further develop our forum and encourage more interaction from the writers and readers on site. In general, we’ll continue to add new features and keep looking for ways to improve Stories Space.

Stories Space currently has a competition open with the theme “Summer Vacation”, with $350 of prizes! Closing deadline 15th September so there’s still time to enter.

CH: Why do you think writers should share their work on Stories Space?

Lisa: The most important reason is that we love to read your stories! All stories also spend time on the home page so they’re seen by more people than submissions on other story sites. In addition, each new submission is posted on the Stories Space Facebook page and a tweet posted on our Twitter account. We’re constantly working on ways to bring in new members and readers for your work.

CH: There are lots of story sharing sites and writing communities out there on the web. What makes Stories Space stand out from the crowd?

Lisa: As well as providing an arena for writers to share their work, Stories Space also offers various other features such as the ability to personalise your profile, add friends or share your favourite music, images and videos. We also have a chat room or the option to private chat with other members. It gives writers and readers the opportunity to get to know other members and develop friendships.

CH: Can you recommend a really good story from the site?

Lisa: For those who like humour, I’d recommend Setting the Record Straight: Little Grey Wolf by Sitting

For readers who prefer something on the darker side, Ride across the River by Mikey1963 is another good one.

CH: Stories Space is a not for profit site. How do you find the time to keep it running so smoothly?

Lisa: We’re lucky enough to have some wonderful staff members who help out with all of the day-to-day running of the site and a tech guru who takes care of all the details behind-the-scenes. The site couldn’t operate as smoothly without them!


Well that’s all for now. We’d like to offer a big thank you to Lisa for joining us this week, and hope you’ll all take a quick trip over to Stories Space to see how great it is. You’ll even find me over there as MissAdventure.

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