5th September 2011

Life is a story and also a journey. Follow the thread of one man's path when his story detours from the monotony of every day life.

WRITTEN/DIRECTED BY - Chrissey Harrison
STARRING - Matt Adams, Dan Westley & Verity Huntley
MUSIC - 'My Life' by Tim Brown

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  • John

    Yes, I do like the ‘Yarn’. The ending lends a finality to the story. However, having said that, it can open the door for a sequel…… their kids.
    In a world where the people have my sense of fun, their grown up kids go to meet their grandmother in the car from ‘POO’. That was a clever foresight, having the yarn and the car the same colour. The kids driving to the sea, to see their grandmother.
    Had you ever have made a film about mermaids ( subtle? huh ), a sequel to the sequel could have been attempted.  

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