Valentine’s Writing Contest 2012 Winners

Our Valentine’s writing competition was a great success with a whole load of great entries. Many thanks to everyone who took part, the quality was really high and you made it very difficult to judge. However, there can only be one winner:

Congratulations to Matt Fewford, author of Paths, our winning contest entry.

Paths - short story title banner

by Matt Frewford

Arrows are for amateurs.


Congratulations also to our two runners up, Andrew Campbell-Kearsley, author of Poetry in my Pigeon Hole and Sophie Jackson, author of Romance in White Gowns.

Romance in White Gowns - short story title banner

by Sophie Jackson

A school headmaster receives a surprise in his pigeon hole one morning. But who could it be from?

Poetry in my Pigeon Hole - short story title bannerby Andrew Campbell-Kearsey

Recovering in hospital after a motorcycle accident, Stephanie meets a charming stranger.

All three stories appear in our anthology of stories, poetry and micro-fiction, Great Escapes Volume 1, available from Amazon, Kobo and our store!

The Great Escape