Hall of Awesome

The Hall of Awesome is a permanent list of all the fantastic people who have invested money in our projects so that we can keep doing what we do. Thanks go out to everybody featured on this page.

Investors in Gabriel Cushing at the Carnival of Sorrows

The following people supported Gabriel Cushing at the Carnival of Sorrows by contributing to the production costs. Find out more by visiting our Kickstarter page for the project.

Abi Fuller-Gardener
Alan Salmon
Alison Plews
Amy Adams
Andy Harris
Anna lovatt
Arfon Jones
Bev Langdale
Brian J Dell
Brian Latham
Chris Redfern
Christopher Fewell
Cristina & Ralph
Daniel Cosser
Darren Chadwick-Hussein
Darren George Hill
Dave Curtis
David A. Oakes
Emily Carding
Eve Bennett
Gareth Hazzelby
Gil Luney
James Baxter
Jamie Simcox
Jan Harrison
Jeff Fraser
Jon Lock
Jon Meeds
Katherine Mock
Kaushy Patel
Kenneth James McGowan
Kristian Griffiths
Laura Cummins
Louise Rhian Poole
Lucia F.
Lydia English
Mark Taormino
Matt King
Matt Warner
Max Lichtor
Nich Angell
Owen Rickard
Pat & Dave Harrison
Paul Voodini
peter smith
Richard Marklew
Richard Purdon
Ricky Gellissen
Rodrigo Aguilera
S. Tashkandy
Sam Wam Meredith
Simo Muinonen
Steven Jackson
Timothy Farr
Tom French
Victor Cross
Wendy Adams


Investors in Great Escapes, Volume 1:

Special thanks to Simo Muinonen for both his monetary and creative contributions to the anthology.

The following people provided monetary contributions to help us get the anthology published:

Amy and Mark Adams
Wendy Adams
Troy Dennison
Peter Drake
Julian G Hicks
Heidi Hovis
Sophie Jackson
Mark Kelly
Carol LaGatta
Drew Moffatt
T.S. Olsen
Carina Roberts
Lowell B Stouder
Matt Warner
Claire Williams
Matt Adams
Daniel Cosser
Jack Devereaux
Jan Harrison
Darren George Hill
T. James
Pete and Jo Jeffery
Jon Lock
Steve McHugh
Dave Nick
Mark Pearce
Ben Staton
Jon Wade
Felek Werpachowski
Terry of Wexford


Site donators:

The following people have contributed money to the running to the site and general projects through the site donation button:

Paul & Elizabeth Jeffery

The Great Escape