Great Escapes | Volume 1 – Kickstarter Project

Posted by Chrissey Harrison - 11th November 2012

We’re currently running a Kickstarter project for
Great Escapes | Volume 1, our first illustrated anthology
of short stories, micro fiction and poetry.

This 160 page book will feature all the fiction from our first year along with brand new contributions, illustrations from artist Kat Wilson (Kat-in-the-attic) and a spectacular photograph by Jeff Waye for our cover art. In total there will be over 30 stories and poems by 18 different authors.

You can find out all about the book, including a list of the contents and contributors on our Books Page. There’s also a free epub sample of Shifting Sands for you to download for your ebook reader.

The Kickstarter project is a way for us to take pre-orders of the book in advance so we can use the money to fund the print run. Here’s a list of the rewards:

Pledge £3

Pre-order a copy of the ebook.

Pledge £7

Pre-order a copy of the print book.

Pledge £10 (Premium Package)

Pre-order a copy of the book with an additional ebook copy and three special edition art cards.

Pledge £20 (Ultimate Package)

Get everything in the Premium package plus a special thanks credit in the book itself and a signed, limited edition art print.

However, our “ultimate” package may not stay ultimate for long. Due to the great initial success of the project, we’re considering adding some stretch rewards in the £25-100 range with some exclusive extra rewards!

So head on over to our Kickstarter project page now, and make your pledge to help ensure this fantastic book happens.

The Great Escape