June and July on The Great Escape

Posted by Chrissey Harrison - 6th June 2011

We hope you have all been enjoying our launch content over the past week. As of next week we’ll be bringing you new content every Monday. The first Monday of the calendar month will be video week, followed by fiction week, comic week and bonus week where we’ll bring you a little something extra.

This Monday we’ve got a sneak preview of our up coming releases for the next two months and some new content in the Wiki.

So, here is what you can look forward to in June and July on The Great Escape:

13th June – Fiction – check in for another short story from Great Escape fiction editor, Chrissey.

20th June – Comic – The Great Escape welcomes a new comic writer and artist.

27th June – Bonus – Find out some more about our current film projects with an extended blog post.

4th July – Film The Man Who Married the Sea – When a man leaves his wife-to-be at the alter and throws his wedding ring into the sea he finds himself in an altogether different relationship.

11th July – Fiction – Enjoy some poetry this week with a small collection of short poems from in house writers Chrissey and Amy.

18th July – Comic – A new comic, beautifully illustrated by artists from Hellbound Media.

25th July – Bonus – Meet The Great Escape film crew in a special video blog post.

1st August – Film Yarn – A modern take on the silent movie, follow a man on a charming journey of challenge, humour and discovery.

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