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The Star Coin Prophecy – Part 4 of 4

Posted by Chrissey - 14th January 2013

<< Part 3 More days of tests and studying followed. Neil refrained from kissing her again, but little touches and looks here and there said more than a hundred kisses. Every time he brushed his hand against the small of … Continue reading

Project Spotlight #4 – Out of the Darkness by T James (an Elite: Dangerous book)

Posted by Chrissey - 19th December 2012

Our friend T James, who has a poem featuring in our recently funded anthology Great Escapes | Volume 1, is raising funds on Kickstarter towards a new book; Out of the Darkness. As part of the Kickstarter campaign for the game … Continue reading

The Star Coin Prophecy – Part 3 of 4

Posted by Chrissey - 12th November 2012

<< Part 2 Two women of the tribe knelt by the fire and hacked off chunks of roasted meat. Another added spoonful’s of beans, potatoes and stewed peppers. Some of the children helped to pass out the food. Neil thanked … Continue reading

The Star Coin Prophecy – Part 2 of 4

Posted by Chrissey - 1st October 2012

<< Part 1 The Indiana Jones wannabe handed Ruth a mug of tea. She sat on his camp bed again. “Thank you.” “I think maybe we should start from the beginning,” he said. He took the chair beside her. “My … Continue reading

The Star Coin Prophecy – Part 1 of 4

Posted by Chrissey - 18th September 2012

Ruth Anders held her pass up to the security guard at the door. He inspected it closely. “You’re running a little late,” he said. “Local press are at the back, if you’d like to take a seat.” He pushed the … Continue reading

Night Sky – 5 Poems

Posted by Chrissey - 14th November 2011

Aftermath of a Stormy Night By T James   Roiling inside, she boils like pitch. Once sensuous, caressing; now seething, enveloping; White silks’ soft seductions torn and re-sewn into her black gravid cloak folds; Wreathed around her in the vain … Continue reading

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