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Faith Healers: The Flesh Angel (Part 9)

Posted by Rich - 1st September 2014

<< Part 8   >> Part 10 coming October 6th

Faith Healers: The Flesh Angel (Part 8)

Posted by Rich - 4th August 2014

<< Part 7   >> Part 9 coming September 1st

Carnival of Sorrows update: Preliminary filming is done!

Posted by Rich - 21st July 2014

Our apologies for the lack of updates on the film shoot and the campaign – it turned out the strain of filming left no-one to write updates on what’s been happening! So, here’s the summary: We have officially wrapped the … Continue reading

Faith Healers: The Flesh Angel (Part 7)

Posted by Rich - 7th July 2014

<< Part 6 >> Part 8 

The Carnival has come to town!

Posted by Rich - 27th March 2014

Hello again, especially you wonderful people who supported us on Kickstarter. We may have been quiet for a while, but rest assured that since we’ve last posted a huge amount of work has gone on about our latest production, Gabriel … Continue reading

Faith Healers: The Flesh Angel (Part 6)

Posted by Rich - 5th March 2014

<< Part 5 >> Part 7 coming 7th July

Little Monsters

Posted by Rich - 27th October 2013

October 31st. All Hallow’s Eve. The one night of the year when it is ok, expected even, for the young to be little monsters. To scare and chill and make people scream. To put on masks, costumes, face paint to … Continue reading

Faith Healers: The Flesh Angel (Part 5)

Posted by Chrissey - 23rd September 2013

<< Part 4 >> Part 6 coming October

Faith Healers: The Flesh Angel (part 4)

Posted by Chrissey - 11th September 2013

<< Part 3 >> Part 5 coming 23rd September

Rules of Engagement

Posted by Chrissey - 15th July 2013

She could sense somebody towering over her. “You’re late!” With her eyes fixed on her magazine she continued, “We’re going to start packing up in about half an hour. I’m not handing out any refunds if you can’t get your … Continue reading

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